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We lend off Market Value, not Purchase Price

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We Offer Loans of £75k – £1m, with up to 90% Max LTV and Funds Released within 7 Days

Market Value Matters

At Apex Bridging we lend off Market Value, not Purchase Price which makes us different to a lot of the market who tend to lend off whichever of the two is lower.

It means that if a developer can buy a property below market value, we can lend them more than they can get elsewhere (allowing them to put less money down for the purchase).

Our borrowers save 2% per month with our stepped rate if they complete the refurbishment and are able to exit the loan swiftly. This benefits the borrower and is better for them than a standard 1.33% p/m flat rate.

We charge no exit fees and charge daily interest on settlement (i.e. If they exit after 6 months and 1 day, we charge them 6 months and 1 day interest, not 7 months interest – which is common amongst smaller and more niche lenders.

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Our Rates

Rates Table MARCH 31ST

The overall blended rate is 1.33% if taken to full term.
No exit fees (minimum 4 months interest payable), and daily interest for settlement.
Available on any term from 6-12 months.

Indicative terms 9 months – 85%

In this example, if the client exited within the initial interest rate period, the settlement
figure would be £10,200 cheaper for not entering the 2% rate. It’s in the borrowers interest to get the work done and exit the loan quickly.

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  • We can lend up to 100% of Purchase Price
  • Less money down
  • No exit fees
  • Daily interest
  • Stepped rate – quick exit savings
  • We don’t credit score
  • Don’t insist on experience

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