Who are BMV Experts?

BMV Experts are part of an experienced multi-functional property company, HBB Relocation Services Ltd.

Look no further because you’ve found the all-encompassing place for
Below Market Value Property.

Property experts – HBB Relocation Services Ltd have been successfully trading property for over 10 years, and have built a great reputation.

Lending Solutions – Apex Bridging have been lending to Investors and Property Traders for over 7 years providing up to 100% of purchase price which has enabled our clients to grow their portfolios much quicker than expected.

Apex & HBB are now working together

We can provide Investors with Below Market Value properties and high leverage finance. This means investors can expand their property portfolios with very little of their own cash.

In such a strong property market, Vendors are expecting a higher price than a cash buying company can offer, but they still want a guarantee that they are SSTC (Sold Subject To Contract), with a fairly quick completion. 

We are facing huge delays with Lawyers who are still operating at reduced capacity, and mortgage lenders who are unable to cope with demand. Vendors are experiencing average completion timescales of 4 months when selling on the open market, even if the property is under offer immediately.

Our Investor product offers Vendors a higher price than a cash buying company, but with a completion within 6 weeks.

The benefit to our Investors is they have the opportunity to purchase a property Below Market Value, often with the ability to increase the value by completing a refurbishment or extending a lease, whilst using only a small amount of their own funds.

Each property offered comes with fully underwritten lending terms, and a RICS survey detailing the current OMV (On Market Value), and potential value after refurbishment. Using this funding and our recommended lawyers, we are able to meet vendors expectations, and complete the sale in 6-8 weeks.

Here are some examples of properties we’ve recently sold

Please note: We do not offer regulated loans, mortgages or credit agreements and are not regulated by the FCA.

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