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Recent Cases

Apex Bridging provides short term loan finance from £50,000 to £2 million. See some of our recent cases below.

£97,500 to purchase an investment property

Our client had sourced an apartment which had been repossessed, it had been empty for 3 years and they were looking to complete the purchase as their first investment property.


The property was in the process of being refurbished and was 90% complete and due to go to auction with a guide price of £150,000.  Our client made a ‘pre-auction’ offer of £100,000 which was accepted.


The client’s mother-in-law provided additional funds to complete the refurbishment of the property and the estimated end value was to be £160,000.


We lent £97,500 over a 12 month period to allow for any unforeseen circumstances and the client then managed to refinance the property via a buy to let mortgage based on £160,000 via his original broker.

£56,000 to purchase an investment property

Our clients were friends and business partners who wanted to purchase their second investment property from a business contact who was selling off part of their property portfolio.

Our bridging loan enabled them to take up the opportunity and due to their relationship negotiate a purchase price that was below market value.

The property was in a poor state of repair and required total refurbishment and modernisation which the clients were going to manage partly themselves, and partly with experienced contractors. The property was purchased under market value for £50,000 and was valued at £70,000.  It was stripped out and taken back to bare brick, a full re-wire, central heating system, new kitchen and bathrooms were installed. The clients had personal funds of £50,000 and they borrowed £56,000 to complete the project and estimated the work to take a total of 3 months. The clients took an 8 month term to allow them to complete the works and market the property to achieve a sale for their desired price of £140,000.

We maintained contact with the borrowers throughout the term of the loan at regular intervals to keep the rapport and ensure the project was all on track.  Our clients managed to achieve a sale at the end of month 6 for the full market value.

£1.1m to purchase a semi-commercial investment

Our client purchased 6 one bedroom flats and a trading coffee shop all on one title for £1,100,000, but the On Market Value was estimated at £1,510,000. We lent our client 80% of the On Market Value which was equal to 100% of the purchase price of £1,100,000.

A full refurbishment of the flats took place over a period of 6 months by the client and his regular builder. Converting all one bedroom flats to two bedrooms. These were split, and new leases acquired for all, as well as obtaining a longer lease for the coffee shop.

Once the refurbishment was completed, the On Market Value had more than doubled to £2,300,000 which enabled our client to refinance on a long term basis to repay our loan and release the equity for the next project.


£216,000 to purchase an investment property

Our clients were a husband and wife that had the opportunity to purchase a dilapidated bungalow at a below market value price before it reached the open market.

The property was a detached 3 bedroom bungalow that was a deceased estate and in need of total refurbishment. The clients negotiated to purchase the property for £300,000.

It was the clients intention to complete a full refurbishment to the property over an 8 month term, they had a small team of contractors that they had previously used on a project to complete all the work to the property.

The works included plastering throughout the whole of the property, a new kitchen, a new bathroom aswell as extend the driveway and clear the garden.

They had budgeted a total of £25,000 for the project with their GDV being £450,000.

We provided £216,000 at 75% LTV.  The clients managed to complete the project under budget and were ready to market the property for sale earlier than expected.

The property was marketed immediately after the refurbishment was completed and sold within a short period for £475,000.

£280,000 to purchase an investment property

Provided £280,000 on a 1st charge basis on an investment property. The client needed the money quickly to complete a divorce settlement rather than sell the property as he felt it would increase in value over time. The value of the property at the time of the valuation was £370,000 and 12 months later it had increased to £500,000.

£540,000 to purchase an investment property

Provided £540,000 at 75% LTV to purchase an investment property. Due to the condition of the property the client was not able to obtain a buy-to-let mortgage. The loan funded refurbishment of the property to a habitable condition to enable the client to refinance the property on a buy-to-let mortgage.

£260,000 to purchase a partly refurbished investment property

Provided £260,000 on a partly refurbished investment property on a 2nd charge basis to help the client raise funds to complete the works and maximise value as a buy-to-let mortgage was not an option. At the time of valuation the property was worth £750,000 and, after refurbishment, went on the market for £1,395,000.

£275,000 to raise funds for business

Provided £275,000 on a 2nd charge basis on an investment property so the client could raise funds to invest into her business. The loan enabled her to quickly expand her business and ultimately secure a buy-to-let mortgage.

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Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes