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Introducing Emily Smith


We’ve recently welcomed Emily Smith to the Apex Bridging team. Emily is our new Underwriter, we caught up with her a couple of weeks into her new role to see how she was settling in:

1. What was your previous job before joining Apex?

My previous role was Property Manager for Leaders Lettings based at Pride Park, Derby. During my time there I worked with a portfolio of over 250 landlords/tenants to ensure their expectations of renting were satisfied dealing with all queries and maintenance issues they may have had. I also previously worked for Countrywide Surveyors for two years where I personally managed surveyor diaries within a specific client driven service level, management of emails, managing communication and correspondence with external clients to deliver the highest level of service.

2. Is the job/team/company what you expected? Yes, more than what I expected. Everybody has made me feel welcome, the company is well structured and there is a process for everything which makes learning the job much easier.

3. Is anything about your role, the team or company still unclear? It is now day 8 of my new job role so I am still currently learning every day and there is always someone in the team to help.

4. What are you enjoying most about your role? I am enjoying the actual underwriting, researching the property, buyer and also analysing the risk factors to make sure we feel confident lending.

5. What are you enjoying least about your role? Not being able to get stuck in (as I am still new but this day will come!)

6. Do you feel like you know your co-workers well? My co-workers are very open and we all seem to have the same sense of humour so I’m hoping good friendships will develop and I will fit into their small circle they have formed!

7. What skills do you feel you can bring to the team? I am very organised and can prioritise my work well. I have the ability to build and maintain relationships easily, which I hope to do with new brokers! I would also say I am good at multi-tasking so hopefully can try and tie a few things up at once which I will need to do during the busy periods.